Whether you're new to Linux and haven't mastered all the common everyday commands, or you've been using it for years and you need a robust power tool, EveryGUI can make your life a lot easier.

Imagine being able to use programs like cdrecord, mkisofs, LAME, tar, RPM, Webcpp or commands like upload your project file releases to sourceforge, or mount an .iso image with just a few clicks, all in the same graphical interface. Imagine being able to add more tools to this interface, or bind your favorite commands to the click of a button without writing any code or even having to hand write config files...'s time to stop dreaming, and start using EveryGUI.


EveryGui is an attempt at being a GTK+ Graphical User Interface for "Everything" (involving command line programs) on UNIX systems. This goal is achieved by providing two powerful applications:

Chameleon, which is a dynamic GUI for virtually any tool or OS command. It loads config files of tools which are chosen from a list, and dynamically creates widgets reperesenting the tools' options. Not only does it execute the commands, but it can save a batch of commands into a shell script for later/repeated use.

And Designer, which is a visual environment for creating/editing config files that determine Chameleon's different behaviours for each tool/command. Designer feels like a cross between QT Designer and Glade, but requires no coding at all to get the functionality working (that's Chameleon's job to do it automagically).

I decided to design EveryGUI because I have found myself writing over half a dozen GUIs for command line programs, when I realised a lot of the code is very similar, so why not make a unified GUI for all purposes? It makes sense to me...

Of course, there are already GUIs for cdrecord, lame, tar, webcpp, etc. which are more specialized for their tasks, but with the small learning curve of EveryGUI compared to the dozens of other GUIs you have to install and learn, EveryGUI proves to be very time efficient. And with its flexibility, you can customize and extend it specifically for your needs.


To use EveryGUI, your system must meet the following software requirements (which most standard Linux and BSD installations already have):

Python - version 2.3 or greater
GTK+ - version 2.6 or greater
PyGTK - version 2.6 or greater
Libglade - version 2.0 or greater